How To Be A Better Person – eCourse

In 2008 I wrote a guest post for The Change Blog called “How To Be A Better Person“.

“I want to be a better person.”

The article really struck a nerve with people and has been The Change Blog’s most popular article for quite some time now.  To date, there have been 315 comments.  Over the years, as I have read through the comments, I was deeply touched by people’s stories, by their struggles and by their desire to connect with their fellow human beings.

In my continued effort to help people live lives that are Fearless, Focused and Free From Regret, I’ve decided to put together a self-directed eCourse called How To Be A Better Person.

Let me be clear
– the eCourse is not intended to give you any answers. It’s not about morals or etiquette  The course is being designed to give you a framework to allow you to work things through for yourself.  To allow you to come to your own realizations and your own understandings. To define who you REALLY are (not who others say you are) and who you would ultimately like to be. 

The eCourse will be released in early 2014, but I encourage you to subscribe to the mailing list below to get updates and to be the first to know when it is ready.