Exits, by Richard Thompson III

© 2011 Richard Thompson III – used with permission

It’s the last day of summer vacation and you’re spending it at your favorite amusement park. The sun is beginning to dip down to the horizon and you know the park will soon be closing. You think you might have time for one more ride – the last ride of the summer!
Which ride do you choose?
You likely wouldn’t simply pick any ride at random. I also doubt you’d settle for the ride with the shortest line, or whichever ride happens to be closest to you.
No, the last ride of the summer needs to be something extra special. It has to be epic! It has to leave a lasting impression. You really want to make it count.
I’d like to propose that we think of LIFE as this amusement park. The twist, is that we have no idea when the park will close. Given those circumstances, which ride do you choose to ride? In other words, what are you choosing to do with your life?
Perhaps you have opted not to choose – you’re just living a random life and letting it unfold however it may?
Have you chosen the easiest path – the path of least effort, living most of your life on autopilot?
Or maybe you’ve chosen the most convenient path in life?
Let me be clear about one thing: there’s nothing wrong with any of those options. If you’re truly happy living the life you live, well-done! Carry-on!
But if you’re not…
If you ever get the sense that you might be settling for less than you deserve, or settling for less than you truly desire, please take this opportunity to re-examine those choices. You only get one life and it’s happening right now.
In my work as a coach, I have seen far too many people living lives that they don’t find fulfilling. They’re living lives they simply stumbled into. Or lives that are convenient and easily lived on autopilot. They’re not living life – life is living them.
It doesn’t have to be that way. You always have a choice.
Live Your LifeTo return to my amusement park metaphor, I’m not suggesting you simply ride your favorite ride all day long – it would lose it’s appeal and could get boring. I’m also not suggesting you leave your favorite ride until the very end – we never know when the park will close. What I am suggesting is that being aware of the fact that the park can close at anytime, you are far more likely to absolutely enjoy and appreciate every single ride you go on.
It’s true, sometimes in the amusement park of life, we don’t get to ride the rides we want. I want to remind you of something though. As long as you’re still on any ride – the park is still open, and it’s still summer vacation!
So hang on and enjoy the ride!